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Magic: the Gathering
Magic: the Gathering, a game for two or more players,  is my personal favorite card game. There are over 13,000 unique cards and card combinations.

Standard Format
To play in standard format, you need a 60 card (minimum) deck and someone to play with. Each player starts out with 20 life points and loses the game when they reach 0 life points.
When you build your deck, you will want to have anywhere between 21 and 24 land cards or mana producing cards. The rest of your deck is made up of enchantments, artifacts, sorceries, instant spells, and creatures. You may not have more than four of any card other than basic land cards. In standard format, your cards MUST be taken from the last three sets. For example, as of December 2013, the cards in your standard deck have to be from either Theros, M14, or Dragon’s Maze. But, as of February 7, 2014, the sets playable in standard will be Born of the Gods, Theros, and M14.

Commander EDH Format
In Commander/EDH format, you select one legendary creature to be your commander. Your commander stays set aside in the command zone until you summon it. Each time your commander dies, it goes back to your command zone and costs 2 colorless mana more to summon or you may choose to send it to your graveyard.
Your commander deck may only contain the mana colors of your commander. The deck must contain 100 cards (including your commander) and you may only have one of each card aside from basic lands. The cards in your deck may be from any set, as long as they meet all other requirements.
 You will want to have 30-33 land cards/mana producing cards in your commander deck for optimal functionality. I love playing Commander because there are so many possible card combinations. In my W/U/B/R/G dragon commander deck, I use this absolutely evil combo often:

I hope this article has either inspired you to play Magic: the Gathering or has clarified any rules for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or visit http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Summoner/ if you need any clarification.


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    December 2013

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