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We're looking for people that are nerds,commited,and passionate! If you would like to work for us, you will have to email your résumé. You will not get paid. Email your résumé at nerdalot@ymail.com


•Social network manager

You work on our Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,And soon to be YouTube.You must be very social and fun. You will talk to our fans and so on!


You will talk to game developers,authors,artists and movie directors. You must be a writer,and it will be better If you have a degree in journalism and writing.. You will also work on the weekly newsletter sometimes.Also you will write articles on the games,movies,or whatever you choose. You can choose to be a

Game writer

Movie writer

Book reviewer

Art writer

•Newsletter writer

We will send out a newsletter everyweek. You are in charge of making sure it's EPIC and amazing!!!!

•Flash game manager

You put up flash games on the page.

(Currently taken)

Email you're resume at nerdalot@ymail.com



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