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We'we all had that question when playing either Grand theft auto,or Borderlands 2.  Is what I just found an ester egg,or a glitch?
Well, we have an  answer. Too start lets define these both. A glitch can be  classified as a setback,or a malfunction in a electronic device.  This could be that your  app on your smartphone  keeps on crashing, or that you can fly through walls on a game your playing (if someone is flying alot,the're probably modders). An Easter Egg is a,big or small,surprise that the creator put in. They are usually well hidden and hard to find and take several steps to find. This could include the name of the creator of this product in a wall somewhere,or a hidden message that is silly,or they could be references to other products. 
             So how can I tell the difference between these two. Its quite simple really, if you are playing a game,lets say a first person shooter,and your gun suddenly turns purple when you died and re-spawned,its a glitch.  Your gun isn't supposed to turn purple,because you didn't take any steps prior too your gun turning purple or it wasn't hidden . Lets say you're playing an RPG,a role playing game,and you stumble across, bigfoot,when you pushed a lever inside a mysterious and dark cave you found. That's an easter egg because you took prior steps,and it was a well hidden cave. Almost all games have easter eggs because they are fun to put in,and all games also have glitches,because not all games are perfect. 
              Here's some pointers:
  • Usually they don't help you.
  • Flaw in product
  • Malfunction
  • Happens to everyone
                   Easter Eggs
  • Fun
  • Weird
  • Good
  • Almost always silly

                     In conclusion,Easter eggs can be good,and exiting,and hidden. Glitches can be mean,unfortunate,and terrible.
They both happen to everyone so don't worry!  

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